We accompany your way to a fully digitalized real estate.

Individually tailored IT solutions support you in your digital transformation.

Individual solutions

We offer individual solutions in the areas internet, network services and Wi-Fi supply. Amongst others, we have specialized in the supply of the following objects and areas:

From concept planning to supporting end customers

The digital transformation of your real estate begins with us determining your needs and designing the concept. The basis for implementation is a high-performance internet and Wi-Fi supply, the availability of which is determined and developed by us.  After creating the plans in cooperation with your architect and electrical planner, we install and configure the active network components. In the completed real estate, we take care of operation and maintenance of all network technology and Wi-Fi networks, as well as user administration and the support of end customers.

Supporting your Digital Transformation


We offer individually tailored network solutions with campus-wide WIFI for your properties.

Legal certainty and interference liability

Als registrierter Internetprovider übernehmen wir die Haftung für Ihren Internetanschluss.


We accompany your building project in constant communication with architects and electrical planners up to it's realization.

Development of your property with fiber optics

We enable the best possible connection of your property through our independence from individual network operators.


Proactive monitoring and regular maintenance is performed for all network components & services.

Direct support for your tenants and customers

Our friendly and competent staff provides fast support for your tenants.

Our Services in Detail


Professional configuration of all network components and integration of all services.


Planning, installation and linkage of electronic locking systems.


Installation and integration of video surveillance and other security systems into network technology.


Our print.DS-networks platform enables easy and convenient printing & scanning.


Integration of electronic and all-digital bell systems.


You would like to integrate further services into the network? We make it possible!

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Requirements Assessment & Concept Planning

Even before the groundbreaking ceremony, the

Wi-Fi supply for your property is perfectly


Based on floor plan data and/or site survey, we plan the Wi-Fi coverage of your property according to the needs of your tenants.

Legal Certainty & Interference Liability

Since 2015, DS-networks GmbH has been registered with the Bundesnetzagentur as an internet service provider in accordance with § 6 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG) and assumes liability for the use and content of the Internet connection.
At regular intervals, our IT security concept is reviewed by the BNetzA.

The landlord is therefore not liable for the internet connection of his tenants.

Support up to Realization

We work closely with architects and electrical planners, thus supporting our customers as early as the planning phase.

This way, any questions that may arise regarding the planning and wiring of the locations of access points or cameras etc. can be solved quickly and easily.

This allows us to avoid potentially costly planning errors or subsequent installations at the earliest possible stage.

Development of your Property with Fiber Optics

As a partner of almost all major network operators, we can provide your property with the ideal and most cost-efficient internet connection.


We coordinate the civil engineering works and connection circuit to ensure a smooth launch.

Operation and Maintenance

Smooth and professional operation is ensured by proactive monitoring and maintenance of all network components and services.
This includes regular installation of new security updates and firewall rules.

We guarantee the fastest possible repair or replacement of faulty devices.
This also ensures a high level of calculation reliability, as owners will not encounter unexpected costs.

Direct Support for your Tenants and Customers

Our friendly and competent employees offer fast support for your tenants.


Both in German and English, questions can be clarified through the sound IT knowledge of our employees in direct contact.


Through our e-mail ticket system, we enable short response times and a solution to most concerns within 24 hours.

Integration of our Services

Efficient on-site installation is guaranteed through our own teams and pre-configured hardware.
We enable the seamless integration of existing devices and services into our network.

Upon request, we offer a white-label solution to stand out from the crowd and further extend your brand awareness.

Our user-friendly device operation allows your customers to use it without any necessary IT knowledge.

Electronic Locking Systems

Equipping your property with a digital locking system makes it more secure, more modern and can be expanded as required.

The advantages over a mechanical locking system are manifold:


  • High security in the event of a lost key

  • Flexible management of access rights

  • Expansion of the electronic locking system

    • Connection e.g. to fire alarm, time recording or accounting systems

  • Smartphone as a key for you and your tenants

  • Increase in property value

Video and Security Systems

In addition to planning and installing video surveillance and security systems, we also take care of maintenance and operation for you.


Video data is recorded securely on site, all data remains local. Access to the recordings is remote, making it easy and convenient.

Shared Printer with Billing System

Our print.DS-networks platform enables simple and convenient printing and scanning for your tenants on the basis of one or more shared printers – managed by DS-networks and linked with your electronic locking system if desired.


Printing is possible from all devices and the billing system allows flexible recharges via direct debit, credit card or Paypal.

Digital Bell Systems

All-digital doorbell systems are easy and quick to install, as no wiring is required in the apartments.

Instead of expensive intercoms, residents are informed about the visit via a free doorbell app and can conveniently open the door with their smartphone.

Bidirectional video communication is not only possible on site, but also while on the move, e.g. enabling the authorization of parcel delivery from a distance.

Individual Solutions

We offer an individual integration of further services according to your ideas: e.g. e-charging stations / e-bike charging stations / washing machines / digital signage displays / steles / conference technology (Cynap) and much more.